Why don’t my FM WhatsApp calls ring?

Don't worry dear friend. If your WhatsApp FM calls are not ringing, you have probably already tried to turn on the ringtone, but it is still not working. We have summarized below 4 ways you can solve the problem.

Why don’t my FM WhatsApp calls ring?

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Turn off do not disturb

Even when incoming calls are at full volume, you will not be alerted with a ringtone while Do Not Disturb is on. Here's how to check if Do Not Disturb is turned on.

clear cache

When your phone reaches its memory limit, your apps can crash very easily. Try clearing your cache and uninstalling any apps you don't need.

Reboot your Android phone

Most people try to restart their phones when there is a problem with the app. That is really a good idea. You can also try it. Maybe your phone was lazy.

Reinstall or update FM WhatsApp

Errors are unavoidable when using any app, FM WhatsApp is the same. You can uninstall FM WhatsApp and then reinstall it. Or update it to the latest version.

We hope that the above methods are helpful for your WhatsApp FM.